Class Actions

A class action is a type of lawsuit in which a person or a small group of people represent the interests of all people who have been harmed by the same fraud, wrongful conduct, or suffered from the same type of injury or damage. The class representatives represent all people who are similarly situated and allow the Court to avoid joining all common cases together. This procedural device also prevents all of the individual class members from having to seek separate representation and file separate lawsuits. Class action lawsuits enable the court to hear all complaints in one case, saving time and money.

Class actions are not only more efficient for the court; they can also make it easier for a single consumer to take on a large company. If you are hurt by a dangerous product, for example, a class action or mass tort action allows you to sue the manufacturer for your injuries and, if it is a class action, for the injuries of others who were injured in a similar manner. Lawyers and firms within The Law Firm of America network are currently involved in many class and mass action cases, and we encourage anyone who has been financially damaged by a corporation or physically hurt by a consumer product or corporation to become involved.

Not all personal injury cases merit class or mass action litigation. Some incidences of negligence may affect only you and your family, but in other cases - particularly those involving dangerous products and prescription drugs - hundreds of other people may be impacted. The power of many is often greater than the power of one, and joining a class or mass action suit can be empowering for our clients during a difficult time.

Class and mass action lawsuits generally occur in certain types of cases, such as those involving:

  • Consumer fraud
  • Truth and Lending Violations
  • Securities Fraud
  • Antitrust
  • Wage and Hour Violations
  • Environmental Damage or harm
  • Defective and dangerous consumer products
  • Prescription drugs with serious side effects that haven't been adequately advertised or disclosed to the FDA
  • Working or living environments in which numerous people have been exposed to hazardous chemicals
  • Fair credit reporting and debt collections practices

Once someone has initiated a class action lawsuit, notices are given to anyone else who has a similar legal claim so that everyone has the opportunity to opt out of the case or, in certain cases, opt in. By allowing consumers the chance to opt out, and decide not to join the class action, the consumer is given the opportunity to either file a separate claim or elect not to take any legal action. Class action cases may be settled outside of court or they may go to trial. If you have been damaged by the wrongful conduct of a corporation either financially or physically, you should contact Law Firm of America so that you can speak to an attorney knowledgeable about prosecuting cases of this type. The Law Firm of America is a network of reputable and experienced firms across the country, staffed by attorneys who are ready to take on your case. We know that every client deserves justice - and class action litigation is often the best way to help multiple clients receive fair compensation and to hold companies accountable for their wrongful conduct.